When you have a managed office space with all the required facilities and amenities, what more can you ask for?


Unlimited Facilities

  • 24/7 internet facility / wifi access - work without interruptions
  • Power back up during emergency - even during power cuts you can still go on!
  • 24/7 inhouse security - feel safe and secure in the premises at any time of the day or night
  • Drinking water - Quench your thirst with access to fresh drinking water just at your reach. Have a cup of coffee when you feel like too!
  • Printer access - Get excellent quality printouts from the office at nominal rates
  • Housekeeping services just a call away - keep your office spic and span with the professional housekeeping staff available 24/7

Best internet speed

When it is time to you to march forward in your career then you need facilities at par with your speed. Here we provide you internet services at 100mbps which is uninterrupted 24/7. Work with complete focus on building up the business and rolling out the bigger picture. Work without any hindrance in your online activities.


Conference rooms

Arrange for conferences and impress your team and clients. The amazing conferences in the premises will ensure that you see success in the meetings held. We offer digital boards, projectors, writing boards and of course a professional ambience. Your guests will be provided with coffee / tea too.


when you have the furnishings and other infrastructure set helps you to run the business smoothly. When you move in, everything is in place. You don’t have to wait endlessly for your w-ifi service provider or you don’t have to wait for office furniture to arrive and set it up. You don't have to be anxious about anything when you move into a fully managed office in Bangalore.



When you have your set-up in a prime location, you are sure to increase your exposure to your niche and climb the ladder to success in no time. Location plays a vital role in business development. People should be able to access you easily and you need to be able to move around easily too. Place yourself amidst other big businesses easily as Attic space offers you office spaces in prime locations around Bangalore. Feel free to choose your location and let us help in building u your empire.

Contract flexibility

You can move out of the fully managed office in Bangalore even after one or two months. When your business is growing, you don't have to squeeze and fit into the same workspace for a year like other leased properties. Your business expansion will see no loss in time or cost when you start from Attic space.


Customized interiors

We want to support you in every initial step of business growth. We take care of details such as office interiors too. This can be customized as per your business needs. You will never get the feel that this is just a temporary set up for you. You will feel at home and make it your comfort zone. The interiors of an office also can be an amazing source of inspiration and keep you positive always.

Parking facility

We provide ample space for parking hence you don’t have to waste time looking for a proper parking spot when you reach your workplace.


Open area for work

There is no question of feeling claustrophobic when you have the option of working in wide open spaces in the premises. The feeling of fresh air and excellent ambience will definitely give you loads of ideas and energy for your work. Sit on a bean bag in the open terrace, have a cup of coffee and work in peace and comfort.

Nap room

Who does not need a power nap when you have loads of work? Well, yes we provide the facility of a nap room so you can recharge yourself and work with more motivation. Take a quick power nap in the comfortable nap room and feel yourself totally recharged and ready to face any challenge at work.


Rest room

There are clean and hygienic rest rooms provided for your use while you are at work. They are regularly cleaned and well maintained by the housekeeping staff. Different rest rooms for male and female are present in the premises.


When you feel stress creeping in because of work pressure then it is high time you move to the comfort of the exciting lounge in the workspace premises. You can relax and play some games too. Find like minded people there taking a break from their hectic schedule. These lounge breaks ensures you don’t lose patience or take hasty decisions in business.



Grab a bite from the wonderful cafeteria. You will see nutritious food and beverages for your consumption. Feed fuel to your body and get amazed by the way you complete a project or finish other work with full energy level. You will find continental and many other kind of cuisines here. Relish every bite.

Bundle payment

There are no hassle of settling separate bills. There is just one bundle invoice which would include rent, furnishings, parking, utilities and others.


Custom sign board

You can get custom made sign boards with your company name and logo. This will help people and your prestigious clients locate you easily once they have reached nearby.

Pet area or aquarium

We also have a pet corner that will please the pet lovers. The various kinds of colourful fish in the aquarium will calm your mind and give you mind clarity to make better decisions. Admire nature’s beauty during working hours and ease your mind from unwanted stress..



You will see smart staff with a pleasing personality to welcome you every single day and of course to welcome your clients and other guests. The bright welcoming attitude and beautiful smile will brighten up your day at work. Stay positive and grow your business to new heights.

Access control

The first thing that comes to our mind is security. People keep moving in and out throughout the day and night. This is all the more reason to keep a control on access. We provide the best access control system. Using the latest technology the access to the office is controlled efficiently. Lock and unlock using your mobile phone. Another access is using smart cards. Make life easy with the best use of technology.