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Pros and Cons of Work from home

What are the pros and cons of working from home?

As we leaped in to 2020 hoping for a better year in terms of career, growth, and life, the world took a dynamic shift towards staying home and working from home, for the sake of safety. Now, let us be real, no matter where you are working from, you are still doing just that: working. So, the question is, should you work from home or work from the office? It honestly comes down to the environment you will be most effective in, along with the industry you are in. Let us take a look at the pro and cons of working from home and how to overcome the challenges that come with it.


  • No commute: The commute to work can be extremely taxing based on the traffic, roads, distance, cabs, buses, or driving can stress you out by the time your reach your destination. be stressful. As the world has taken a turn towards working from home, these daily hassles have become obsolete.
  • Save time and money: Often, at the office we tend to spend a lot of time and money on a daily basis which could have otherwise been avoided by working from home on things such as food, water, travel, and more of the sort.
  • Flexible working hours: Your regular routine has changed to a more dynamic routine since Covid- 19. This means that you can work when you feel most productive; for some people that’s in the morning, others prefer to work until late at night. You finally get to work in your own rhythm.
  • More time with family: When we commute to work we often spend a lot of time in traffic, but while working from home, we have time to have breakfast with the kids, go on a walk with your spouse and enjoy more quality time with the family.
  • Autonomy: Whether you work for a multinational company or a start-up, you get caught up in the business structures and routines that you may not specifically like. Although, when you start working from home, you are finally able to make decisions on your own.
  • Work-life balance: Many remote workers find they have more time for themselves as they are able to spend more time with family and be responsible for their own work performance. Even though you spend just as much time working from home than you would in an office, you still feel as though you are closer to your private life than before which improves the work-life balance.


  • Lack of human interaction: Although you may have calls and online meetings with your clients or team members every now and then, you will still be working alone, most of the time. No quick coffee breaks, no team lunches, and the lack of social interactions can be hard for some people.
  • Hard to switch off: Since Covid-19, we have all been eating, working, and sleeping from the same which makes it hard to separate one’s personal and business life. You are not dependent on office hours and can literally work from early morning until late at night. Your whole life revolves around your work which makes it hard to switch off.
  • Multiple distractions: Should you finish your chores, relax or work? This constant debate between every task has led to multiples distractions and many employees are multi-tasking while working. s? Potential distractions are everywhere, especially when you are working from home. It really takes a lot of discipline to focus on your job and get things done.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle: Waking up to work team calls and sleeping to over-due tasks has become a routine for most remote workers this season. If you are not eating, sleeping, and sitting right while working, it can really damage your overall well-being in the long run.
  • Hinders creative teamwork: Emails, con-calls and zoom meeting are always there but when it comes to collaboration and innovation, teamwork is under the regular performance capacity. Some tasks are easier to get done when the entire team comes together to produce amazing results.
  • Not all jobs suit remote work: Some jobs involve hands on work with equipment and technology, without which it is impossible to work. Many industries have been hit hard due this very reason.
As you can see, there are two sides to this coin, as any other. It is up to you to decide which ones are more important to you and have a bigger impact on your productivity, progress, wellbeing and happiness. All we suggest is that you make sure to have a conducive environment that enables your comfort - free from worries if basic infrastructure maintenance, surrounded by a supportive team and a place that allows you to express your creativity and professional prowess.