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Impact of Covid-19 on co-working spaces.

We are going to face some hard months ahead as we navigate through the great unknown this coming year. Let us unravel the impact of Covid-19 on co-working spaces. This also might be the catalyst for a great change and a new dawn of the 4th Industrial Revolution. While there are considerable advantages to a working-from-home business model such as reduced commute time, lower pollution levels and reduced operational costs, there are also distinct disadvantages for businesses and employees for those who have worked for a longer period of time in this manner.
Human beings are social animals, and we need, deserve, and crave community. Working from home can be one of the options while working at your office could be the other, but have your ever thought about choosing co-working? Corporations are going to need to give their employees options. The solution that is ideal for all employees in the current scenario, is co-working.
Companies are looking for vast spaces where the workforce can be dispersed, and employees can maintain the social distancing protocol comfortably. This will ensure that the business and employees are more resilient and are able to survive the pandemic, while working efficiently. Hence, the question is, where to house the team with these conditions? Co-working spaces offer the perfect solution.
We are headed towards the 4th Industrial Revolution that will fundamentally change everything. Is artificial intelligence, IOT or robots driving this change? No, it is the changing nature of work that is fuelling this fire. The 4th Industrial Revolution is coworking. We find it hard to believe that we cannot get back on the wave we were riding, last year. We see some major impact on our economies for a variety of reasons with underlying root cause being COVID-19. The dip has happened. Why can’t we make this the shortest recession of all time?
The office is changing. The way we work is changing. Above all, the way we think about work, how it takes place and where we do it has changed. Co-working spaces will continue to influence traditional office spaces, as all leases become more flexible. The workspace of the future must be agile and versatile to adapt to unprecedented and unpredictable challenges that are becoming more common in our society.


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