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Searching Office Spaces - 3 Things To Consider

A perfect office space brings more productivity and happiness to employees. When choosing a new office space consider these 3 tips to get your dream office.

Find your office space in a prime location:

Find your office space in Bangalore

Location is the most important factor when finding office spaces. It matters because people don’t want a long commute, enjoy metro connectivity, and like to have restaurants and coffee shops in the vicinity.

Prime location is necessary because it increases the brand value of the company. Attic Space has managed office spaces in prime locations in Bangalore such as Koramangala, HSR, and Indiranagar. Visit and get your Dream Space Now !!!

Best amenities and security provider:

When you think about workplace safety, you probably think about all the regulations and the requirements followed by the office manager to identify hazards and protect you and your co-workers. Ensure that all the housekeeping members are using masks and gloves and that all your office areas including workstations and desks are sanitized from time to time.

Attic Space has managed Office space in HSR layout for teams of 100 and above. We take care of all your essential maintenance needs such as power, internet, housekeeping, pest control, security, and other amenities, so you and your team can focus on the core business.

Optimal space and layout:

Office space and layout

Optimizing the space and layout can reflect an organization’s vision for effective working and support functionality. An ideal office space should have meeting rooms, discussion rooms, breakout areas, and a managed kitchen.

You and your employees will spend at least 40 hours per week (and about 2,000 hours per year!) at your workspace. How you organize the space between those four walls can affect not just aesthetic appeal but also comfort and how much work gets done. Office layout and other environmental factors affect employee well-being, financial success, and productivity. Lighting can impact productivity, health, mood, and well-being. So, make sure your office is well lit because it helps in focus.

Office space has an increasingly large impact on a business’s ability to attract and retain employees. Organize your space with the future in mind so you don’t have to reorganize and redecorate out of necessity.