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Should We All Work From Home?

Work From Home has become very common nowadays. Many MNCs are gifting goodies to their employees so that they return to the office to work. It plays a crucial role nowadays for individuals. Here are some pros and cons of it.
Work from home

Pros :

  • Research by McKinsey showed that about two-thirds of IT employees reported increased productivity while working from home, making effective use of the time saved from commuting and meeting increased expectations.
  • People who work from home spend 10 minutes less each day being unproductive, work 1 more day per week, and are 47% more productive.
  • People are more focused, and flexible in their work. This makes a less stressed and happier existence. More family time, more focused work time without a long commute. Also, a better quality of life due to the freedom.
Pros of Work from home

Cons :

  • You can become relatively isolated working from home if you spend the majority of your time by yourself, working independently.
  • The risk of overworking has been seen in the past two years and has serious health issues like Eye Strain and Lower Back pain.
  • Speaking on the phone can sometimes lead to a disconnect between you and your coworkers.
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