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Rise of startup culture in India

Startups and Unicorns have been the buzzwords for a couple of years now and needless to say, this decade has been the decade for startups. All across India, we’ve seen the rise and fall of various startups.

Rise of startup culture in india

Reasons for Startup Growth in India

The startup growth in India was gradual. There are quite a few reasons why India became such a sustainable environment for startups to thrive in. Some of the significant reasons are:

The pool of Talent

India has a large youth population. There are millions of students graduating from colleges and b-schools every year. Many of these students use their knowledge and skills to start their ventures, contributing to the startup growth in India.

Variety of funding options

Earlier there were only some traditional methods available for acquiring funds for a new business, which included borrowing from the bank or from family and friends. However, this concept has now changed. The Government launched the Startup India initiative on 16th January 2016, intending to build a stronger ecosystem for nurturing India's startup culture that would further drive our economic growth, support entrepreneurship, and enable large-scale employment opportunities. This availability of options and easy accessibility has also contributed to the growth of the startup ecosystem in India.


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