Commercial Space for Rent in Indiranagar Bangalore

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Commercial Space for Rent in Indiranagar Bangalore

Indiranagar is one of the most sought-after locations in Bangalore, known for its vibrant atmosphere, trendy cafes, and bustling nightlife. So it's no surprise that small and big businesses are eager to set up shop in this prime location. However, finding the perfect commercial space for rent in Indiranagar can be challenging, with many options available. On that note, welcome to Attic Space, where you can experience the perfect blend of sophistication and innovation. Our commercial space for rent in Indiranagar Bangalore redefines the true meaning of luxury and comfort, offering a range of commercial spaces designed to cater to your every need. Our prime location in Indiranagar Bangalore makes us the ultimate destination for businesses that want to thrive in a dynamic and bustling environment.

Why We Need Commercial Office Space

Commercial space for rent in Indiranagar Bangalore is pivotal in facilitating businesses' effective and efficient operations. These spaces provide a specialized setting that fosters teamwork and collaborative efforts toward achieving organizational objectives. With a gamut of amenities such as cutting-edge meeting rooms, high-speed internet, and ergonomic furniture, commercial office spaces augment employees' productivity and focus. Besides, these spaces serve as a platform for businesses to build a brand image and establish a professional aura for welcoming clients and customers. Furthermore, the office for rent in Indiranagar is bespoke, planned to cater to the specific needs of each organization, and can be customized accordingly. Therefore, investing in commercial office spaces is quintessential for businesses to thrive in the contemporary competitive landscape.

Our Amenities

Cleaning Services
High-Speed Internet
Phone Booths
Meeting Rooms
Biometric Entry
Power Backup

Why Choose Attic Space Commercial Office Space in Indiranagar?

With our top-notch amenities and advantageous positioning, we stand as the optimal selection for businesses within the vicinity. Our office space for rent in Indiranagar boasts convenient accessibility and many nearby amenities, including a diverse range of dining options such as restaurants, cafes, and more. Easy access to transportation and highways means your employees and clients will have no trouble getting to and from the office. Our modern, fully furnished offices are designed with productivity in mind. We offer a diverse range of workspace solutions tailored to meet your specific business requirements.

Benefits of Commercial Office Space

Securing a commercial space for rent in Indiranagar, Bangalore, is a pivotal decision for any business, as it establishes a professional setting for employees and contributes to a positive company image. Opting for a commercial space in this prime location ensures access to a dedicated workspace that meets your business needs, complete with essential facilities. These include high-speed internet connectivity, well-appointed conference rooms, efficient printing and scanning equipment, and round-the-clock security measures. By choosing a commercial space for rent in Indiranagar, businesses can operate in a secure and well-equipped environment that supports their professional aspirations. Moreover, renting a commercial office space in Indiranagar can help lift your brand image and reputation. With a prime location in a bustling business district, you can attract potential clients and business partners, which can usher in more growth opportunities.


  • “Attic Space is the best space for my growing business. The facilities provided are at the cutting edge of technology, and the staff is consistently accessible and ready to address any inquiries or apprehensions I might possess. I highly recommend Attic Space to anyone looking for a commercial space for rent in Indiranagar Bangalore.”- Sarah K, CEO.
  • “As a tenant at Attic Space for over a year, I highly recommend it. The location is good, and the facilities are of the highest quality. In addition, the team is exceptionally supportive, surpassing expectations to guarantee seamless operations.”- Michael P, COO.
  • “Attic Space has been a game-changer for my business. The space is modern, spacious, and filled with natural light, making it a pleasure to work in daily. In addition, the location is easy to access to transportation and amenities. ”- Rahul S, CTO.


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      What is the price associated with leasing office space in Indiranagar?
      The price of leasing office space in Indiranagar is based on many factors, such as amenities. Location and lease terms. But, generally, prices can start at INR 6000 per seat.
      How do I find commercial office space to rent in Indiranagar?
      To find commercial office space available for rent in Indiranagar, please get in touch with us for assistance. Visit
      What is commercial office space?
      Commercial office space is a specialized type of property that is designed to house businesses and organizations. It is a dedicated environment that offers various features and facilities, such as meeting rooms, high-speed internet, and ergonomic furniture, to enable businesses to operate efficiently and effectively.
      Why should you have commercial office space for your business?
      Commercial office space provides numerous benefits to businesses, such as a professional meeting setting, improved employee productivity and focus, enhanced collaboration and teamwork, and a platform for building a positive brand image. Additionally, commercial office space can be customized to meet the specific needs of each organization, making it a worthy investment for businesses of all sizes.