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Attic Space

What does Attic Space offer?
Attic Space offers private & managed offices for large teams. A start to end solution for all office requirements. We customise and manage your office starting from the internet to carpet cleaning & shampooing. You pay a single amount that includes all office overheads making it easy and simple. Our priority is to help you focus more on your core work, while we take care of the rest.
How can I book office space with Attic Space?
It's simple, reach out to our team through phone or website, and share your requirements. Our team would suggest suitable options for you to pick from. We'll do the paperwork, get you on-board with us & help you get set up right away.
How big a team can I accommodate?
We cater to a niche when it comes to team size, our offices are completely private and are designed for team sizes from 30 to 1000 members.
What are the facilities that we will have access to?
Your office is equipped with all the amenities you require from the beginning and is private to you. You have complete access to all the meeting rooms, conference rooms or the pantry space in your office since it's private only to you. A common cafe is accessible as well, in certain locations that have the provision for the same.
Will other(not employees or clients) have access to our Attic Space offers?
No, we do not have an open office system or a shared space.

Managed Office

What is a managed office Space?
A managed office space covers all the maintenance you'd need to run your office smoothly, For eg. Biometrics & Security, Internet (leased line) & Firewall, Carpet Cleaning & shampooing, Pest control, Electricity, AC maintenance, housekeeping, etc. We make sure your work goes as smoothly as possible while we manage all your daily maintenance issues.
Can the office be customised?
We customise the space and design it as per your needs - not just customise, but our team also finds the most ideal way to fit your requirements and suggest the best way to accommodate your requirement. We have an in-house team of architects, that makes our turn around time quicker.
Are there additional charges on facilities and services?
Anything that is specific to you and is outside our standard services offered would be charged, for eg. branding, additional parking, additional housekeeping members than what are already provided by default.


How does the lease-model/rent-model work?
We are open to take properties on both lease or rent. A minimum of a 9-year agreement for either option is the standard procedure. It gets the property owner a long term deal and at the same time ensures that they have a stress-free working experience. Since we invest our time, money and resources in our work, we always ensure that the property is in good condition as well.
Is there a lock-in period?
Yes, the lock-in given is of a minimum of 3-5 years.
How flexible are the terms?
Our focus is to build a strong relationship with our clients where we connect and try to find a win-win situation. We are flexible and looking for a mutual understanding and agreement.
What kinds of properties are you looking to sign on, in terms of location, size, and facilities?
Our locations are focused in the prime areas of the city and a minimum floor plate of 5000 sqft. We are open for all types of properties, be it bare-shell, warm-shell or a furnished space.
How can I reach you to discuss and sign-on my property?
Please feel free to fill up the landlord form and our team would reach out to you for details and walk you through to the next steps if it fits our requirements.


How does a broker associate with Attic Spaces?
A broker can partner with Attic Space by simply reaching out to our Sales team. Our team would register you, the Broker/ Consultant to our system. Post-registration every deal we close, the broker can redeem their commission once the client occupies in 2 ways:
a. First-month rent
b. 10% of the rent for 10 months
What is the broker or consultant role?
The broker or consultant has two roles to play, first is to get us clients for our existing locations, if any, Secondly, since Attic Space is growing rapidly we are in the lookout for good properties in prime locations of the city and this is precisely where they come in to help us find the best and the most suitable locations.
How does partnering with Attic Space benefit you?
We understand the importance and the role that a broker plays for us, so we make sure it's a smooth sail, be it client visits or commission reimbursement. We strive to make your experience with us as seamless as possible with excellent communication and all the necessary amenities.

Custom Build

What do you mean by custom build?
A custom build office allows you to choose everything from scratch. From the floor layouts to wall paint to interior and exterior design. We’ll design an office that puts your brand and vision at the center of everything. Optimized for ‘your’ business growth and efficiency.
What do you mean by “Does 10 months of deposit and massive cap-ex for furnishing ring a bell”?
With Attic Space, we balance both and create a win-win for both sides. Unblock your money, so you grow and spend your money wisely and in the right place.
Is it possible to alter the layouts?
Yes. We will ensure that the workspace you work out of caters to everything you want.
Can you build any layout or design that we need?
Yes. At Attic Space, every inch of your office space will be customised to meet your needs & satisfy your requirements.
How to schedule a visit?
Call us at 08047178622 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.