Large Office Space for Lease in Koramangala


Large Office Space for Lease in Koramangala

Introducing Attic Space’s premier offering: large office space for lease in the prestigious area of Koramangala. Created to meet the demands of growing businesses, our expansive office spaces provide an ideal environment for productivity and collaboration. With generous square footage and flexible layouts, our large office space for lease in Koramangala can be tailored to suit your specific needs. Our office is in a very accessible and convenient area, making it ideal for your staff and customers. Experience the professionalism and sophistication of a spacious office that fosters growth and success. Lease one of our remarkable large office spaces in Koramangala and elevate your business to new heights.

What is Leased Office Space?

Office space for lease signifies commercial spaces which are designed and outfitted to meet the needs of various businesses. This office space offers flexible and cost-effective services for businesses looking for a dedicated workspace without the liability of property ownership. We provide essential amenities, infrastructure, and services that are necessary for smooth business operations. Along with it, we also offer customizable options that allow businesses to find the ideal space to accommodate their unique requirements.

Types of Leases

There are several lease options to cater to the wide range of landlord and tenant requirements and preferences. And undoubtedly, each type offers distinct advantages. On that note, let's check out the types of leases available with us.

Gross Lease
Under a gross lease, the tenant pays a fixed rent amount while the landlord holds the responsibility for the property taxes, insurance, maintenance, and other operating expenses. This type of lease simplifies the leasing process for both the tenants and the landlords.

Net Lease
Under a net lease, the tenant pays both the basic rent and a percentage of running costs also, like taxes, insurance, maintenance, and utilities in a net lease. Net leases can be single, doublte, or triple net based on the extent of expenses the tenant is responsible for.

Percentage Lease
Percentage lease combines a base rent with a percentage of the tenant’s gross sales. These kinds of leases are advantageous to both parties and align their interests in achieving mutual growth. Most percentage lease is used in retail settings.

Ground Lease
Ground lease involves leasing the land only for an extensive period of time. Un this, the tenant constructs and maintains any buildings or improvements. These are often used for commercial development projects, enabling tenants to utilize prime locations without the need for substantial upfront investments.

Sublet lease refers to the one where the tenant contracts out some of all of their rented space to another party. The original lease becomes the sublessor, and the new lessee is the sublessee.

Our Amenities

Spacious Layout
Conference Rooms
Recreation Areas
Dedicated Workspaces
High-Speed Internet
Security Systems
Parking Facilities

How to Lease Big Office Space in Koramangala

Securing a large office space in the vibrant area of Koramangala necessitates meticulous planning and thoughtful deliberation. Given the substantial demand for commercial properties in this bustling locale, it is crucial to adopt a proactive and prepared approach. Conducting thorough research to explore the available options, enlisting the expertise of a reputable real estate agent, and carefully assessing lease terms and conditions are fundamental steps to successfully acquiring a spacious office that aligns with your business needs. By dedicating time to evaluate your requirements, budget, and preferred location, you can navigate the process of leasing big office space in Koramangala with confidence and effectiveness.

Determine Your Needs
To secure a large office space in Koramangala, it is crucial to assess your specific requirements meticulously. Consider factors such as the desired square footage, layout, amenities, and budget constraints. By clearly defining your needs, you can streamline the search process and focus on spaces that align with your business objectives.

Research Available Spaces
Thoroughly research the available office spaces in Koramangala. Utilize online platforms, real estate listings, and reputable agents to gather comprehensive information. Pay attention to factors like location, accessibility, nearby amenities, and the reputation of property owners. Conducting diligent research ensures you have a comprehensive understanding of the options available.

Visit and Evaluate Spaces
Schedule visits to shortlisted office spaces to personally evaluate their suitability. Assess the layout, infrastructure, natural lighting, ventilation, and overall condition of each space. Consider factors such as scalability, collaborative areas, meeting room availability, and parking facilities. A thorough evaluation will help you make an informed decision based on your specific requirements.

Review Lease Terms
Carefully review the lease terms and conditions of the selected office space. Pay close attention to rental costs, lease duration, renewal options, additional fees, and clauses pertaining to modifications or subleasing. Seek legal advice if necessary to ensure a comprehensive understanding of all contractual obligations. Reviewing lease terms thoroughly ensures transparency and avoids any potential misunderstandings.

Plan for Move-In
Once the lease is finalized, create a detailed plan for the move-in process. Coordinate with the property management team or landlord to schedule the move and discuss any necessary renovations or modifications. Plan for furniture, equipment, utilities, and IT infrastructure to ensure a simple transition into your new office space. A well-planned move-in process sets the foundation for a successful occupancy.

Why Choose Atticspace for a Large Office Space in Koramangala?

When choosing a large office space in Koramangala, our services are a benefit. With our considerable experience and profound understanding of the real estate market, we provide amazing locations that meet your company's demands. You'll discover the right space for your operations and expansion in our diversified portfolio. Throughout the lease process, we provide excellent customer service. Our flexible lease terms, low pricing, and ability to tailor spaces to your needs set us apart. We also ensure that you can focus on your business's success by maintaining high-quality facilities and a professional work atmosphere. Benefit from our knowledge and dedication to exceeding your expectations when you rent a large office space in Koramangala from us.

Benefits of Large Office Spaces

Choosing a large office space brings forth a multitude of benefits that can greatly enhance your business operations. The ample space allows for efficient organization and optimized workflow, enabling teams to work collaboratively while maintaining privacy and focus. With room for expansion, these spaces provide the flexibility to accommodate future growth without the hassle of relocating. Moreover, large office spaces often come equipped with advanced amenities and facilities, such as conference rooms, breakout areas, and recreational spaces, fostering a professional and comfortable work environment. The spaciousness allows for hosting client meetings, training sessions, and other important events with ease.


  • "I have conducted an extensive search for a large office space for lease in Koramangala, and my experience with Attic Space has far exceeded my expectations. The state-of-the-art facilities and impeccable location perfectly align with the needs of my business. I wholeheartedly recommend Attic Space to any business in search of spacious and modern office space."- Romi Guha, CTO.
  • "Attic Space provides an ideal solution for businesses seeking large office space for lease in Koramangala. The facilities are always maintained to the highest standards, reflecting the attention to detail and commitment to excellence that sets Attic Space apart. Choosing to lease office space here has been a decision I am thoroughly pleased with."- Rashmika Nandan, CBO.
  • "As a startup, we required a large office space capable of accommodating our growing team while maintaining a professional environment for our clients. Attic Space proved to be the perfect match for our needs. We enthusiastically endorse Attic Space to any business searching for premium office space in Koramangala."- Pooja BS, executive director.


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      What is the process for leasing the office space in Koramangala?
      The process for leasing office space in Koramangala involves identifying your requirements and budget, researching available spaces, scheduling a visit, negotiating lease terms, signing the agreement, and completing necessary paperwork and payments.
      Are there any extra costs apart from the lease rent?
      In addition to the lease rent, there may be additional costs associated with leasing an office space in Koramangala. These costs can include utility bills, maintenance fees, property taxes, insurance, and common area charges.
      How long is the lease term for the office spaces?
      The lease term for office spaces in Koramangala can vary based on various criteria, including the landlord's preference and the specific property. Generally, lease terms for commercial office spaces range from one to five years.
      Can I visit the office space before finalizing the lease?
      Yes, it is highly recommended to visit the office space before finalizing the lease. A physical visit allows you to have a firsthand experience of the space and assess its suitability for your business needs.