Large Office Space for Rent in Bangalore

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Large Office Space for Rent in Bangalore

Residing and having the best workplace in the most thriving hub is essential. Bangalore is a popular destination for businesses of all sizes. The city is growing its IT industry with excellent infrastructure, and a favorable business environment. To enrich the environment, the business can now look for the large office space for rent in Bangalore. We at Attic Space provide 5000 sqft office space for rent in Bangalore. Don't forget to contact us if you are in need of a large office for rent in Bangalore.

Who needs Large Office Space in Bangalore?

With the increasing growth of businesses and startups, the demand for large office spaces in Bangalore has significantly increased in recent years. Companies that require a large workforce, dedicated departments, and specialized facilities such as conference rooms and meeting spaces need a large office space to operate efficiently.

Bangalore has now advanced the need for startups and they are expanding and growing their teams. They also require office rent in Bangalore to accommodate their employees and provide them with amenities such as collaborative workspaces and recreation areas. Overall, any organization or individual that needs to accommodate a large number of employees, clients, or stakeholders requires a large office space for rent in Bangalore.

Our Amenities

High-Speed Internet
parking facility
Conference room
Tea & Coffee vending machine
Fully Furnished Offices
Air Conditioning

Benefits of Renting an Big Office Space in Bangalore

Renting a big office space in Bangalore can provide several benefits to businesses of all sizes. Firstly, it offers more space and flexibility for employees, allowing them to work more efficiently and collaboratively. Secondly, renting an office space can provide access to better facilities and amenities such as meeting rooms, conference rooms, and recreational areas, which can improve employee satisfaction and productivity. Additionally, large office space for rent in Bangalore helps businesses save costs on maintenance, repairs, and utilities, as these are usually included in the provisions given by managed office spaces. Furthermore, a large office for rent in Bangalore at a prime location can enhance the company's brand image and reputation, and attract more clients and talent. Lastly, on an average of 500 sqft office space for rent in Bangalore provide businesses with more scalability and adaptability, as they can easily expand or downsize their office space according to their needs and growth.

Why Hire Attic Space for Large Office Rent in Bangalore?

Attic Space is the go-to choice for large office spaces in Bangalore. With a wide variety of options and amenities, we provide businesses with the perfect environment to maximize their potential. When choosing a large office space in Bangalore, businesses need to consider a variety of factors in order to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency. We offer businesses plenty of options, with both large and medium sizedspaces available. The space is always well-lit and airy, with plenty of room to move around and make the most of the space. When it comes to safety, Attic Space provides on-site security personnel, CCTV cameras, and a secure entrance and exit, businesses can be sure that their property is safe and secure.


  • “I recently rented a large office space for rent near me through Attic Space, and it has been a great experience! The space was perfect for my business needs, the staff was helpful and friendly, and the process was quick and easy”. Sourav Goswami, HR manager.
  • “Attic Space provided us with the perfect office solution in Bangalore. The space was large enough to accommodate our team and also featured a great selection of amenities. We felt comfortable and secure in our new office, and the team at Attic Space was always on hand to answer any questions we had”.- Gaurav Kumar, Business Analyst.
  • “We were in need of a large office space in Bangalore and found Attic Space to be the perfect fit for us. They had a great selection of amenities, a secure and comfortable workspace, and their team was always available to help us out. We can highly recommend Attic Space for anyone looking for large office space in Bangalore!” Sourav Shah, CTO.


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    What is considered a big office space?
    The size of a big office space can vary depending on the location, industry, and number of employees. Generally, an office space larger than 4,000 square feet is considered big, but this can vary depending on the specific needs of the business.
    Do you offer any other customer services?
    Yes, we offer a range of customer services such as 24/7 security, high-speed internet,, conference rooms, and kitchen facilities.
    How do I rent more than one office space?
    To rent more than one office space, you can contact our team directly and let us know your specific needs. We will work with you to identify suitable options and help you secure the additional office space you require.
    Can I view the office space before booking?
    Yes, we encourage potential tenants to view the office space before booking. You can schedule a tour of the space with our team, who will show you around and answer any questions you may have. This will help you make a fruitful decision about whether the office space is right for you and your business.