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Office space solution by Attic Vistara

  • The success of office space depends on the location, it can be like an icing on the cake. Koramangala is an ideal location for business setup.
  • The offices are economical and eco-friendly
  • Rippling, an organization that tracks employee data has its office space at Attic vistara.
  • Rippling occupies a large area of 6100 sqft office space with 110 seats in total
  • In and around the area there are many famous restaurants, Banks and hotels
  • Attic has offered unlimited facilities like security, access to the internet, safe drinking water etc to Rippling
  • Conference rooms to hold meetings
  • Restrooms for waiting, speed wifi, comfortable office furniture for your convenience
  • Ample space for car parking when you reach your office destination
  • A lounge to relax as you feel the work pressure mounting up
  • Cafeteria for food and beverage consumption
  • Pet area for pet lovers to ease the unwanted work stress
  • Attic Vistara has proved to be an ideal location to hold informal meetings, interviews, and recruitment to enhance the business.
  • Rippling has access to high-speed internet facilities which enables them to give their ultimate performance and productivity

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Attic Vistara, 14th Main Rd, 5th Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560102

Attic Vistara: 6100 Sqft Office Space

Office space solution by Attic - Rippling occupies 110 seats!

Attic vistara has rented out 6100sqft office space with unique facilities to Rippling. The office space is efficient, economical and eco-friendly, where the team can enjoy their work and pursue their dreams.

Let's have a glance at what they got from Attic!
Conference room

Rippling has one conference room where meetings are held. The amenities like lounges, sound system, lighting, projector, etc. make it a highly professional place for the team and clients to discuss ideas and plans for business growth.

Call booths

2 Call booths are also available to position the user at ease, office phone booths give a quiet atmosphere so that the caller can relax as he converses with clients and be successful.


Pantry is easily accessible by all. This is a small area where food, beverages are kept. It is very effectively designed and organized to satisfy the employees.

Meeting rooms

3 meeting rooms are available for Rippling team members to use for their team building talks and interviews. There is an additional advantage to hold meetings with clients and guests by providing them the best comfort levels.

Outdoor space

Outdoor space like balconies, good landscaped environment is an added advantage. Here employees and Managers can have casual meetings and discussions. Some even give motivational talks there in a relaxed atmosphere.

Gaming zone

Gaming zone can be relaxing with a lot of fun. The productivity of the employees can be increased. It can be introduced as a part of recreation during breaks.

Breakout area

3 breakout areas provide space for employees and visitors other than their usual working space, where employees can have lunch, relax and even fix informal meetings with clients.


Parking is very essential for any office, it should be properly controlled and managed for every office building. Attic Vistara offers decent parking facilities to all who visit or work at Rippling.

Wet pantry

Wet pantry is where you can heat and consume non-veg items. A wet pantry also has a washroom for the convenience of the employees.

If you are in search of a fully managed office space anywhere else in Koramangala, then give us a Call !

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