Attic Greenage


Attic Greenage Fully Managed Office Space in HAL 2nd Stage,Indiranagar

  • Work along with pleasure and feel stress-free while you reach your professional goals.
  • Commuting is never an issue when you can skip the traffic by using the metro. Indiranagar Metro station is just 10 minutes’ walk from here and very convenient too.
  • The location is prime and with Indiranagar , Raheja towers right beside you. A landmark that no one can miss.
  • Along with an amazing centralized location, you are also exposed to a varied talent pool that will directly or indirectly help you in business growth.
  • Live and work with the latest facilities and amenities available throughout your business development planning.
  • Work amidst highly creative architecture, modern and chic furniture to help you feel relaxed while taking crucial decisions
  • We will facilitate the start-up growth pattern gladly by setting the office in style just the way you desired
  • A lavish and massive area of 2 floors with 4500 sq ft each to accommodate any 200 members.
  • We help in minimizing major stress - Moving into a new office! Never miss even one call of a potential client while you are moving in. we have active phone lines that you can use immediately.
  • Our fully managed offices have flexible contracts, manned reception desks, meeting rooms that can be used immediately and much more.

Allow us to tailor your needs for a fully managed office space while you sit back and relax.


Find Us At

Attic Greenage, 757, 100 Feet Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Appareddipalya, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560008

Attic Greenage: 8680 Sqft Office Space


50 to 100 Employees
  • The Property has 2 floors with each floor being 4500 sq. ft.
  • So as per your requirements, you can opt for the entire two floors or just take one floor itself. The choice is yours.
  • Our elegantly designed offices will keep the business ideas flowing
  • Fully furnished office space designed with the employees in mind
  • Custom built employee and Cabin seating arrangements
  • Meeting and conference room facility
  • Communication facilities such as Internet connection, Server Room, Power back up etc. provided
  • Added attractive feature of Play at Work, Cafeteria, Comfy furniture etc.
  • Reasonable and economical rates
For 100 to 200 Employees
  • The Property has 2 floors with each floor being 4500 sq. ft.
  • So as per your requirements, you can opt for the entire two floors
  • This gives a feeling of privacy and security as the office space is spread out
  • Customization is made possible when it comes to Interior design, Cabin and employee seating arrangements.
  • Conference and meeting rooms are customized as per requirements
  • Communication facilities such as High speed internet connection, Access Points, Server Room, Power Back up etc. provided as per standards
  • As an added bonus, Play at Work, Cafeteria, Comfy furniture to keep the employees happy and relaxed
  • All these services are provided at no minimum cost for mutually beneficial business.

You dream and we make it come to life - customization as desired!


Our interiors are your choice! With color-coordinated combinations, lightings and designs that you want will be made easily available. This helps to bring out the creative best in you. They create an ideal atmosphere for the best working conditions.


Well designed and compact cabins - CEO Cabin, interview room, Manager’s room, and any other special cabins- give a measure of privacy at the same time are designed to be part of the whole group. They are private but not secluded.


Meeting rooms can be arranged and customized as per your needs. You can have free discussions with the team or a one on one private talk. Our meeting rooms are fully fitted out with the required features.


Our experts can customize the conference rooms as per your requirement. The fully equipped conference room amenities such as sound system, writing boards, etc., our conference rooms are the best in their category.


Need a short break to relax and take a quick nap or just laze around. Our serene and quiet comfy interiors which are again customized as per your likes will surely calm and soothe any unruffled nerves.


With the emphasis now on being proactive and not leading mundane lives, our play at work facilities gives the much-needed boost and impetus. Do it your way with our professionals by your side to customize the leisure area in detail.


The seating arrangements can be customized in a comfortable manner to give a required space to each individual and at the same time allow for free movement. Be a part of a team by having your own space and the freedom to work from any cozy corner in the office. Space is used in a creative way in order to give a relaxed mindset.


We are experts in customizing durable yet elegant and comfortable furniture exclusively for you. That’s how our furniture can be described. The ergonomic design prevents the employees from having any sort of discomfort.


With durable and strong wiring solutions, our power back up systems leaves nothing to chance. We understand the importance of continuity in the work and power systems fill the need. This set up can be customized as per the client’s desire.


With the latest and up to date access controls, all our offices are fully equipped to prevent any unauthorized entry or exit. All exit/entry points are under full scrutiny. This system can be customized in a highly secure fashion as per client needs.


The internet connection and Wi-Fi systems are all as per international standards. Today we understand the major requirement of any business is high-speed internet and the same is provided. Options like leased line, dial-up connection, DSL, fiber internet, etc can be chosen.


It’s the small things that make a difference. Our cafeteria is also customized as per client requirements and designed to relax and cater to the immediate refreshment needs of the staff.


How important to keep the data safe and secure. We do it as per the client requirement which means it can be customized accordingly. Our server rooms are nothing short of Strong rooms so that security of the highest level can be maintained and at the same time have modernized equipment.

Inbuild Amenities


Whether customer-focused or not, parking can be a constraint for any developing business. Keeping this in mind, we have provided ample covered and open parking space for customers/staff alike and traffic inflow/ outflow is also made smooth.


It’s the small things that matter most especially when it comes to providing for basic personal amenities. Our washroom facilities are easily accessible with janitor services so that cleanliness and other upkeep is regularly maintained.


Our lifts are large and capacious to withstand heavy traffic, especially during office peak hours. They are fully equipped with 24-hour generator standby for any exigencies. Due care and upkeep are maintained through regular and timely service check-ups.


With broad and spacious stairs, the entrance to the office gives an elegant look and is great for those exercise conscious staff who prefer the stairs instead of the lift.

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