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Attic Lotus Fully Managed Office Space in Koramangala 80ft Road

  • Koramangala is a hot spot for technology and software companies. It is a dream for a person to start up from here.
  • There is no compromise on quality as they provide the best services and amenities to the client
  • Attic lotus provides a massive fully managed office space of 10,300 sq ft.
  • This property is centrally located and is close to many major shopping spots and restaurants.
  • This area is not located in a crowded area although located amongst topmost software companies.
  • Attic Lotus will help you walk through the teething phase of your business and ensure you have a smooth start and a great journey.
  • Enjoy the latest technology, facilities, and amenities that is provided by Attic so you never miss a day or a call from day 1.
  • Amazing architecture and creative designs will kindle your mind with new ideas and innovations to enhance business.
  • The sleek and comfortable furniture will make you feel at home and help your mind work in a relaxed mode.
  • The meeting rooms, cabins, and conference rooms are equipped with the latest technology to ensure a flawless business time.
  • Cashfree and Analytics Edge are two prestigious companies having offices in Attic lotus

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Attic Lotus, 612/2, Koramangala 4th Block, AVS Layout, Bangalore - 560095

Attic Lotus: 10300 Sqft Office Space

Office space solution by Attic - CASHFREE occupies 120 seats!

Cashfree is a fast growing tech Company in India. It a Payment Gateway where collection and disbursal of payments can be done via its payouts. A report says that about Rs. 6000 crores of payments have been done using Cashfree until now. So they are looking for office space to resource scale up. Cashfree finds the perfect solution with Attic Space.

Let's have a glance at what they got from Attic!
Meeting Rooms

Since the type of business involves a lot of discussions with clients and staff, 2 separate meeting rooms have been provided that promote open and free communication.

Conference room

For large discussions, a big conference room installed with good sound systems and other related amenities such as lighting controls, projector, etc. are provided.

MD Cabins

Two MD cabins have been provided so as to promote a little bit of confidentiality and privacy as required.


The washrooms are clean and well maintained as they have exclusive housekeeping staff for washrooms. Separate washrooms for male and female are present on the premises.


You will be greeted daily with warm smiles as you enter the office to start your day. Your guests and clients will be warmly welcomed too by the professional staff at the reception desk.


The security in the building are vigilant and make sure the people in the building are safe. They also monitor the people who come and leave from the office to ensure complete security. They are well trained and give assurance for the safety and security of the people.

Office space solution by Attic- Analytic Edge occupies 70 seats!

It’s an analytical solution technology company dealing in marketing & sales effectiveness in all industry fields such as automobiles, e-commerce, Pharmaceuticals, etc. This company is fast growing and they require creative office space in a prime location. That need of the hour was fulfilled by Attic Lotus efficiently!

Let's have a glance at what they got from Attic!
Meeting Room

A compact meeting room is provided as Client discussions are common. It is roomy and comfortable.


Sometimes informal discussions prolong over to Coffee, an efficient and sturdy pantry room is easily accessible.

Conference Room

It has a 10 seater capacity and is designed in such a way to promote good communication.

Breakout Area

To relax and breathe in some fresh air, cool and refreshing breakouts areas are provided.


Since employees and Visitors alike are more, washrooms with all basic amenities are provided.

If you are in search of a fully managed office space anywhere else in Koramangala, then give us a Call !

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