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Office space solution by Attic -Moneta!

  • Attic Moneta has ideal office space located at koramangala which is a hub for business .
  • Crane consulting has established excellent office space in this locality for setting up their business
  • Crane consulting occupies their space in the 2nd and 3rd floor of the building
  • The area size of the office is a massive and attractive 5700 sq ft
  • The building has amazing restaurants, well-known banks, and ATMs and decent hotels too
  • It provides very good network for communication
  • Surrounded by restaurants, hotels and other amenities
  • It provides event space with all the necessary requirements to meet the needs of their employees
  • Accessible Wellness room for nursing mothers, serene room etc for the convenience of the workers
  • Outdoor space to relax from the work pressure or refreshing outdoor environment
  • Parking facilities to meet the needs of its employees and visitors
  • It is surrounded by many multinational foreign as well as other prestigious companies.
  • It is not an easy job to find and manage office space at a decent price. Here Attic works hand in hand with Crane consulting.

Find Us At

Attic Moneta, #612, Basil Moneta, Koramangala 4th block, 80ft road, Bengaluru - 560034

Attic Moneta : 9000 Sqft Office Space

Office space solution by Attic - Crane Consulting occupies 110 seats!

We at Attic Moneta offer you the best office space at a very reasonable price. Crane consulting has taken up two floors. It’s a new company which is heading towards success. They have found an ideal location to set up their business here.

Let's have a glance at what they got from Attic!
The conference room

Provides very good amenities for having business meetings along with projectors, good lighting facilities, digital boards, writing boards, comfortable chairs, etc. Tea or coffee will also be served to the guests. This room is a 12 seater and can accommodate the participants comfortably.

Seating capacity

Crane consulting takes 65 seats on the second floor and 35 seats on the 3rd floor. these comfortable seating areas ensure staff feel at home and give maximum output in their performance.


Parking is an essential requirement for any office space, Attic Moneta provides ample parking space for their employees


There is one pantry on each floor and it has stored food, beverages and other provisions like dishes, cleaning, etc. Attic Moneta has a pantry where the employees can actually relax with their coffee and work with peace of mind.

Breakout area

Breakout area is also there is each floor and allows space for guests, visitors and employees that is separate from the working environment. They can have their lunch, relax or even hold certain informal meetings at breakout areas. They don’t have to be worried about anything with such amazing conveniences.


Crane consulting has also taken up 3 cabins each on the 2nd floor and 3rd floor, that are designed as per their preference. This helps the managers and MDs to focus in the upbuilding of the business. The table and chairs in the cabin match the interiors and make it look stylish.

Rest room

Rest room is also provided keeping in mind the hygiene and cleanliness, the housekeeping will regularly maintain and clean the restrooms

Wellness room

Wellness room to care for the needs of the nursing mother or those who wish to meditate or pray


Washroom or restroom is a necessity for every office, Employees and visitors need these facilities. Attic Moneta looks for all the needs of their customers, to provide them the comfort level and prepare them for their challenging assignment. There are separate male and female washrooms on the 2nd floor and 3rd floor. These are maintained in an immaculate manner.

Nap room

Nap room for taking a power nap, which can boost the energy level to work with more enthusiasm

If you are in search of a fully managed office space anywhere else in Koramangala, then give us a Call !

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