Attic Trishul - 400 Seats Available.
Koramangala Wipro Park

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Koramangala is an urban area of Bangalore, which is most popular for young tech students because IT colleges are situated in Koramangala. Large IT companies are also located in the area. You will experience a lively, exciting and modern atmosphere in the Koramangala due to upscale apartments, tree-lined up avenues and upscale shopping centers, selling funkier and modern shopping items to the buyers. All in all, Koramangala is an ideal place to start, boost and push your business towards success.

Attic Spaces has Attic Trishul Office Space in the Koramangala, Bangalore. At Attic Trishul, 2300 SqFt is available for you to book and start managing your company through this unique and amazing spectacular base. There are 400 seats available at our Attic Trishul office.


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Attic Trishul, # 12, 7th cross road, Koramangala 1A block, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560034

Attic Trishul


50 to 150 Employees
  • Best space solution for SME
  • For fast-paced work, desk clusters provided in flexible seating increases collaborative environment.
  • For bringing innovative and creative ideas, standup coffee tables, easy-to-move laptop desks and couches are designed in the Attic Workspaces.
  • The Attic Space offers sheltered cubes and privacy screens are provided to the individuals to save themselves from the buzz of activity.
  • The idea banks, the inspiration ideas and causal meeting spaces are designed for bringing innovative ideas from the exceptional minds of employees onboard.
  • We make sure lots of natural light, synthetic light and good vibes in the office through glass sidings and glass windows.

200 to 400 Employees
  • Best for Enterprises
  • We offer a variety of workspaces that will suit the variety of preferences of various employees. t
  • We offer amazing stress-freeing solutions through our Recharging Office ideas, where we dedicate office space for recharging of employees.
  • To bring on enthusiasm, motivation and creativity in the minds of the employee, we design motivational office with a few eye-catching accentuated walls, post medication posters, inspirational quotes on cubicles etc.
  • For enhancing team bonding, we design team-planned offices so that you learn to collaborate with your employees. t

Unique to this Space

The more ideas, the better it is

With a projector, sound system, and lighting controls,lounges are easily converted for members’ meetups.

On Your Marks, Go!

When there is an event that needs to celebrated at Office or when there is an important meeting to be held, Conference Rooms are set up and organized by us for you so that you are not overburdened.

Lots Of Development Opportunities Lie in the Koramangala:

Presently, you will find every type of business within Koramangala. If you are thinking to start a new startup company, brainstorm for a month, come up with an idea and tell us. You can do drop shipping in Koramangala and earn your commission. There are so many other fusions that you can create, and operate successfully.

Fun-Filled and Food-Filled Cafeteria

You do not have to go out to grab tasty bites. We have built a cafeteria where you will find good activities areas and amazingly delicious food.

We Have Your Bake

We take the responsibility of all the housekeeping services of your office, so that you do not waste your energies on these works. We have your back always.

You Can Move Out Any Time You Want

We provide you with security services, so that you work efficiently in a smoother environment. Turnover rate of the safe and secure offices increases to a great extent.Whenever you want to move out – if you find our Office Spaces not catering to your needs – of our Attic Office Spaces, You can move out anytime you want. There is no pressure on you.

Amenities included in this Space

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