Attic Hitech, Hyderabad- 280 Seats Available

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Fully Managed and Serviced Office Space in Hitech City

Attic Hitech have been designed which will accommodate the needs of the SME & Big Enterprises . Employees will be given a great many amenities and facilities in the workspaces which will benefit the companies in the long run . With our lots of amenities and facilities, such as high-speed WiFi, Printer Access, 24/7 Security System, Housekeeping Services and other conveniences, you will enjoy doing your work in the most amazing way. By the way, if you wish to eat yummiest and healthiest food, you can grab the best bites at cafeteria as well. !


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Attic Hitech, 8th Floor, Mahaveer The Watermark Building, Hitech city Road, Madhapur, Hyderabad - 500084

Attic Hitech


50 to 100 Employees
  • Best space solution for SME
  • For fast-paced work, desk clusters provided in flexible seating increases collaborative environment.
  • For bringing innovative and creative ideas, standup coffee tables, easy-to-move laptop desks and couches are designed in the Attic Workspaces.
  • The Attic Space offers sheltered cubes and privacy screens are provided to the individuals to save themselves from the buzz of activity.
  • The idea banks, the inspiration ideas and causal meeting spaces are designed for bringing innovative ideas from the exceptional minds of employees onboard.
  • We make sure lots of natural light, synthetic light and good vibes in the office through glass sidings and glass windows.

200 to 280 Employees
  • Best for Enterprises
  • We offer a variety of workspaces that will suit the variety of preferences of various employees. t
  • We offer amazing stress-freeing solutions through our Recharging Office ideas, where we dedicate office space for recharging of employees.
  • To bring on enthusiasm, motivation and creativity in the minds of the employee, we design motivational office with a few eye-catching accentuated walls, post medication posters, inspirational quotes on cubicles etc.
  • For enhancing team bonding, we design team-planned offices so that you learn to collaborate with your employees. t

Unique to this Space

Event Space

With a projector, sound system, and lighting controls,lounges are easily converted for members’ meetups.The event space has been created to develop an a fruitful and useful meet-up space for the workers with the help of communal work desks, projectors, efficient sound system, proficient computer system and effective lighting system.

Wellness Room

For message therapies, group or individual meditations, individual resting purpose or breastfeeding purpose, the Wellness Room has been constructed to provide the safe rest sanctuary to the employees in a tough routine.

Outdoor Space

Our office spaces at Attic Space include landscaped outdoor areas, nicely designed decks and patios in the outdoor spaces for encouraging the productivity of the employees.

Brainstorming Room

In our every Indiranagar Attic Space Office Spaces, we essentially provide a Brainstorming Room so that creativity, imagination and constructiveness may be brought into the work of the employees and projects may be done successfully at 100% rate.


Attic Space Office Spaces at Indiranagar, Benagaluru consists of efficient Parking area, where you can find a spot easily and park the car efficiently.

Amenities included in this Space