Attic Moneta
Koramangala, Bengaluru

Attractive Workspaces, Cool Events And Plenty Of Coffee

The perfect spot for your recruitment interviews, informal meetings and a fine base for your startup. The high speed Wifi access and abundant plug points ensures that your work is not disturbed at any time. And if you wish for a hot cup of coffee, you can get it absolutely free too!

Join the Bangalore ‘startup ethos’

Get a perfect place in Bangalore in the region of Koramangala to setup the office space you desire. The city of Bangalore has more than 1700 startups so you too can join in the ranks of those businesses which are flourishing now. It is known as the best place for freelancers and entrepreneurs to start business. Bangalore is also known for its smart and attractive building designs and architecture. We at the Attic Space will gladly create comfortable and convenient office spaces that will reflect your business ideals. The offices in Attic Moneta will be made according to your tastes in Bangalore. We offer a lot of amenities and ambiance in the work space that we make for our clients. Lounges, conference rooms, Wi-Fi access, runner services, cafeteria along with other convenience and need of the clients will be fulfilled by our team at the attic space. Form a new business of your own in the city which will provide you with great opportunities and lead you to the path of success. Get in touch with us to know more about co-working spaces in Bangalore.

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Attic Moneta, #612, Basil Moneta, Koramangala 4th block, 80ft road, Bengaluru - 560034