Success is not final; failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts. This well sums up the attitude of the co-founder of Attic Space, I N Chandrasekhar Rao.

Today, Attic Space has carved a name for itself. In fact it is one of the top 10 best managed office space in Bangalore. It specializes in designing and providing the best office space location in various parts of Bangalore. It was founded in August 2017 and today has become a major player. In fact it caters to small and medium corporates and looks after everything required for by a company from interiors to stationery. By tapping into the needs of the growing start-ups for good office spaces in and around Bengaluru, Mr. Chandrasekhar Rao has taken the pains to find out ideal business locations so that these startups do not waste time hunting around for office space and instead can concentrate on business. Being from Bengaluru, he could correctly understand and service the needs of the business population.

Mr. Chandrasekhar Rao at present is a multi-task person handling not just Attic Space but also has founded other enterprises such as Attic Lounge, HappyBox, Immon. He started it around the same time that is January 2017. He had his schooling from Oxford and Dropped out from Engineering in 2000. Just after that went to North East and build a big marketing team. He started off on a small scale by being distributor of Health products and also distributor of other products at a young age.

He is active on social media such as LinkedIn where in his interests can be known. He has shown an interest in supporting startups. From his social media interactions, it can be seen that he is interested in social causes. He has quite a number of followers as can be judged from his media profile. He is of the belief that Innovation is the key parameter of success for any economy or business. This he has correctly proved in the way the Attic Space company has shaped up and also the way he has lent support to various new startup companies. Today, at the peak of his career, he has not forgotten his ideals and is helping the economy to prosper in his own small way.

So as an end note, we need entrepreneurs like I N Chandrasekhar Rao who are a good example of success and who in turn help others to succeed as well.