Large Office Space for Lease in Bellandur

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Large Office Space for Lease in Bellandur

Experience the epitome of grandeur and flexibility with our extraordinary collection of large office spaces available for lease in the bustling center of Bellandur. Step into a realm where possibilities are boundless, and imagination knows no limits. The meticulously crafted work environments at Attic Space redefine the concept of scale, providing expansive and versatile spaces that can adapt to your business's unique vision and requirements. Elevate your business to new standards and make an indelible mark in the industry with our unique large office space for lease in Bellandur.

What is an Office Space Lease?

Embark on a transformative journey in the realm of commercial real estate with office space lease – an empowering solution that revolutionizes the way businesses secure their professional work environments. By opting for an office space lease, you gain access to a world of possibilities without the constraints of property ownership. It's a strategic move that allows you to harness the advantages of a tailored workspace while maintaining the flexibility needed to adapt to dynamic market conditions. An office space lease allows you to construct a unique work environment that reflects your brand, values, and aspirations, regardless of whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a growing startup, or an established corporation. You can propel your business to new heights by adopting the freedom to choose, grasping opportunities for growth, and leveraging the unmatched benefits that come with an office space lease.

Types of Leases

Within the realm of commercial real estate, an assortment of lease types cater to the multifaceted requirements of businesses. These encompass full-service leases, net leases, modified gross leases, and percentage leases. Each lease type boasts distinctive terms and conditions, enabling businesses to meticulously select the arrangement that aligns most precisely with their individualized needs and discerning preferences.

Gross Lease

Under a gross lease, tenants remit a fixed rent while the landlord assumes the lion's share, if not the entirety, of the property's operational expenditures. This structure streamlines tenants' monthly financial obligations, absolving them from encumbrances such as property taxes, insurance premiums, and maintenance costs. By engendering predictability, gross leases empower tenants with enhanced financial stability and the capacity for astute long-term planning.

Net Lease

In a net lease, tenants bear the onus of remunerating a portion or the entirety of the property's operating expenses in addition to the base rent. These expenses commonly encompass property taxes, insurance, maintenance outlays, and, on occasion, utilities. Net leases confer upon tenants heightened authority over their occupancy costs, necessitating, however, judicious deliberation and meticulous financial planning to accommodate the ancillary expenses associated with the leased premises.

Percentage Lease

Prominently utilized in retail and commercial properties, the percentage lease paradigm entails tenants tendering a base rent amount alongside a percentage of their sales revenue to the landlord. This type of lease establishes a symbiotic relationship, aligning the triumph of the tenant's enterprise with the rental income procured by the landlord. The structures of percentage leases may encompass diverse modalities, such as a base rent augmented by a percentage of sales surpassing a designated threshold or a percentage derived from the total sales revenue. By employing such an arrangement, tenants are incentivized to strive for amplified sales volumes, while landlords relish the prospect of heightened revenue commensurate with the tenant's prosperity.

Ground Lease

A ground lease entails a long-term agreement in which tenants lease land from property owners while forgoing ownership rights to any structures on the land. This lease type is often employed in commercial developments or large-scale projects, enabling tenants to utilize the land for an extended period while the property owner retains ownership of the land itself.


A sublease occurs when a tenant leases their rented space to another party, known as the subtenant. In a sublease arrangement, the original tenant remains responsible for lease obligations with the landlord, while the subtenant settles rent to the original tenant. Subleases provide flexibility for tenants with excess space or temporary relocation needs, but they require landlord consent and meticulous consideration of lease terms to ensure compliance with the original lease agreement. Attic Space only subleases properties to other clients.

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How to Lease Office Space in Bellandur

Leasing an office space in Bellandur is a multifaceted process that demands a strategic approach for optimal results. It begins by meticulously determining your specific needs, considering factors such as the required square footage, desired amenities, location preferences, and budgetary considerations.

Determine Your Needs

Before going for large office space for lease in Bellandur, analyze your business demands. Consider square footage, layout, amenities, and budget. By carefully outlining your criteria, you may expedite your search and choose office spaces that best suit your needs and business goals.

Research Available Spaces

Utilize reputable online platforms, real estate listings, and professional networks to gather comprehensive information about potential spaces. Pay meticulous attention to details such as location, accessibility, infrastructure, proximity to amenities, and pricing structures. This diligent research will empower you to create a shortlist of prospective spaces that align closely with your business requirements.

Visit and Assess Office Spaces

Devoting the necessary time to personally visit and appraise the shortlisted office spaces in Bellandur is of paramount importance. During these visits, meticulously scrutinize critical elements such as spatial arrangement, functional efficacy, abundant natural illumination, optimal ventilation, and the overall ambience.

Evaluate Lease Terms

Before culminating the selection process for a substantial office space lease in Bellandur, a scrupulous evaluation of the lease terms is indispensable. Conscientiously pore over the minutiae, encompassing facets such as the rent structure, tenure duration, provisions for lease renewal, delineation of maintenance responsibilities, and any ancillary costs or fees.

Plan for a Smooth Move-In

Upon finalizing the lease agreement, meticulous planning to facilitate an effortless move-in process assumes paramount importance. Collaborate with the landlord or the property management team to establish a mutually agreed-upon date for occupancy commencement, whilst delving into the requisite preparations.

Why Choose Atticspace for a Large Office for Rent in Bellandur?

We provide the best spacious office space for rent in Bellandur. We differentiate out by pursuing excellence and understanding company demands. Our wide range of large, well-appointed offices allows you to discover the right one for your business. Our offices inspire productivity and creativity with modern amenities and smart design. Our dedication to personalized service provides a smooth, efficient, and customized leasing experience. We'll help you maximize the possibilities of Bellandur's spacious office space for rent.

Advantages of Large Office Spaces

In the realm of commercial real estate, large office spaces offer a plethora of distinct advantages that elevate them to a league of their own. With their generous dimensions and expansive floor plans, these spaces provide businesses with unparalleled opportunities for growth and adaptability. The ample square footage allows for seamless expansion and the customization of work areas to suit specific needs. These spaces' grandeur and aesthetic appeal, often boasting impressive architectural features, abundant natural light, and modern design elements, create an inspiring and professional atmosphere that motivates employees and leaves a lasting impression on clients and visitors. Embracing a large office space sets businesses apart, providing the ideal foundation for success, expansion, and the cultivation of a vibrant corporate culture.


  • "Attic Space has not only provided us with superb office space but also delivered exceptional services. The large office space we leased in Bellandur perfectly matches our requirements. We wholeheartedly recommend Attic Space!"- Steve Kennedy, CEO
  • "Without a doubt, Attic Space stands as the leading provider of large office spaces for lease in Bellandur. Leasing space from Attic Space has proven to be an outstanding decision, and we couldn't be more satisfied."- Mallen, Executive
  • "The quality of the large office space provided by Attic Space in Bellandur left me astounded. The space itself exudes a modern and spacious ambiance, complete with all the necessary amenities we require. I wholeheartedly recommend Attic Space to anyone in search of exceptional office space."- Parth Chaudhury, COO.


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      What lease terms are available for the office space?
      We offer a range of flexible lease terms to accommodate the diverse needs of businesses seeking office space in Bellandur.
      What is the proximity of the office space to public transportation?
      Our great sites are near bus stops, metro stations, and other transit links, making it easy for employees and tourists to travel.
      What is the lease duration for the office space in Bellandur?
      Our leasing staff will discuss your company goals and propose a lease period. We offer flexibility and ensure the lease period matches your business strategies and development trajectory.
      How can I schedule a viewing of the office space?
      Contact our leasing team to visit our Bellandur office spaces. Schedule a viewing by email, phone, or online.