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Office Space in HSR Layout

HSR Layout, an esteemed residential and commercial district located in Bangalore, has garnered much recognition owing to its impeccably planned infrastructure and unparalleled accessibility to other parts of the city. HSR layout presents a plethora of options to cater to everyone’s office space needs starting from budding entrepreneurs to a conglomerate. On that note, Attic Space is one of the trusted sources for comprehensive office space solutions. Our extensive research and in-depth understanding of the area enable us to provide you with all the vital information required to make a well-informed scion concerning your next office space in HSR Layout.

How to Choose Office Space for Rent in HSR Layout?

When embarking on the search for office space for rent in HSR layout, it is essential to bear in mind a few crucial aspects. Firstly, comprehending your business's specific requirements in terms of space, location, and amenities is paramount. Secondly, evaluating the reputation and dependability of the landlord or property management company should be taken into consideration. Make sure the building has good safety and security measures. Accessibility is another thing to think about. So, make sure the office space you choose is close to public transportation, parking, and other amenities like restaurants and shops. Lastly, it is advisable to personally visit the premises to gain a firsthand experience of the ambiance and working environment.

Choose Your Office Type

When selecting your office type in HSR Layout, there are different options that can cater to your business’s specific requirements. Furnished office spaces are perfect for those looking for a move-in ready workspace with all necessary furniture and equipment. Small offices provide an intimate and private setting, while larger offices offer ample space for growing teams. So, by thoughtfully evaluating your business’s unique needs, you can choose the most suitable office type from below.
We only have managed offices, non managed offices and coworking spaces.

Our Amentities

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Why Hire Attic Space for office space in HSR?

Attic Space offers a distinctive and imaginative work environment that may increase productivity and creativity among employees. These areas are a great substitute for conventional office spaces since they provide lots of natural light and a calm ambiance. Additionally, Attic Space provides more privacy and seclusion, enabling workers to concentrate on their work without interruptions. We give companies a feeling of distinctiveness and a distinct corporate identity, differentiating them from their rivals.

Advantages of Office Space in HSR Layout

Office space in HSR layout presents a myriad of advantages to businesses of all sizes. Firstly, the locale is a swiftly developing area, furnishing businesses with an abroad customer base and a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem. Secondly, the district boasts impeccable infrastructure and amenities, rendering it an ideal location for businesses that seek a professional and sophisticated milieu. The HSR layout offers unparalleled connectivity, facilitating businesses with easy access to other city areas. The region boasts of a competitive office rental market, making it an economical choice for businesses seeking to optimize office rent expenditures.


  • Attic Space has been a game-changer for my business. The customized office space in HSR layout they provided has helped me increase my productivity and grow my business.
  • I was struggling to find the perfect office space that would cater to my business needs until I came across Attic Space. Their customized office spaces in HSR Layout are simply the best.
  • I have been using Attic Space’s small office space for rent in HSR layout for the past year, and I ahev nothing but positive things to say. The location is easily accessible and the office space is well-equipped with all necessary amenities.


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      How does one go about renting an office space?
      The process of renting an office space in HSR Layout depends on different office spaces. However, it entails conducting research on available office spaces, arranging a visit to the location, and engaging in negotiations for the lease terms.
      How do I make a reservation for office space?
      To make a reservation for office space, you can contact the leasing company or landlord directly. Some leasing companies may have an online reservation system, while others may require you to schedule a site visit to view the available spaces and discuss the leasing terms.
      What is the cost for office rent in HSR layout?
      The rent of office rent can vary depending on the location, size, and amenities offered.
      Which amenities are included for office space in HSR?
      Attic Space offers amenities like Internet, Meeting Rooms, Boardrooms, Lounge and Games, Networking Events, Parking, Cafeteria, and 24*7 Security for office space in HSR.


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