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The growth of coworking spaces in India.

The basic idea of co-working involves flexible environments where individuals and companies can share resources, ideas, and industrial know how. It has redefined our perception of workspaces in the present times as the visible slowdowns in the global economy haunts us. This, coupled with the increasing populace of millennials demanding for an evolved workspace has changed the ways of working, leading to an exponential growth in the co-working industry. Co-working environments allow us to be more self-directed, collaborative, and versatile in our work as sharing a workspace brings people from different walks of life under one roof, who otherwise may not have the chance to interact.
This knowledge has transformed the way our workforce thinks, acts and reacts, thereby transforming the concept of co-working from a novel trend to a more standardized way of working. Since more and more companies are adopting this method, design teams are discovering new needs from tenants and end-users. Once sought-after generic offerings are now transitioning to more customized and specialized spaces that still offer the same benefits of a co-working environment. Unlike traditional office spaces, which have caged cubicles and a rigid working environment, co-working spaces enable workers to work with more freedom in a vibrant ambience which results in more productivity. These places are the perfect melange of futuristic workspaces and community-driven employee culture where workers can find the perfect work-life balance and become more efficient.
Although over the years, the ideology has changed and co-working offices are no longer confined to non-competitive professionals, yet flexibility is still the core value of these workspaces. Being at a co-working space, organizations and individuals can choose flexible working hours and desired workspaces that work for them. The culture of flexibility, collaboration, community, and the presence of unique yet comfortable workspaces in co-working offices help people to thrive in these places. Co-working places create the right balance of freedom and structure which pushes employees to work efficiently and create opportunities for both employees and the organization to succeed.


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